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With Ion Weath Storm Alerts, you can stay a few steps ahead of the weather. We offer you the I*ON Weather Storm Alert and Warning System. Our system includes faxing you extended weather and present alert status reports, weather alerts and warnings before and during storms, and storm totals and summaries after weather events.

OPERATION: I*ON Weather was previously located at Morristown Airport in Morristown, NJ from 1974. Recently we have moved to Denville, NJ. Extended weather forecasts and alert status reports are faxed you to each weekly morning and afternoon. Special Reports are sent on weekends when conditions warrant. This fax contains a seven day outlook for the general area with an alert status statement of when of when we have or will be issuing alerts and warnings. Historical high and low temperature and precipitation totals for previous days are also given.

ALERTS AND WARNINGS are faxed on special I*ON Weather alert sheets for specific zones. These are usually faxed at 9AM, 2PM, and Midnight before and during each storm. Occasionally, these will be issued at any time, at the discretion of I*ON Weather, to alert the occurance of new, developing snow or ice conditions not forecasted….(It happens sometimes!!).

AFTER EACH STORM, a summary and statement of weather history will be published, we call them STORM TOTALS. These usually are issued within one week after a storm ends, sometimes within days!

MONTHLY Weather Summaries are also issued within days of the end of the month. These summaries record temperature, precipitation, snow/ice fall, wind, and general information about the previous month.

CONSULTATION with a meteorologist is available to clarify any of the information given, however, we must insist that “Rumor Discounting” and “Comparative Forecasting” (Hey!! I heard that, etc.) be kept to a minimum. This system has worked well for the past 25 years, and we’re always using all the the latest weather guidance to get us through the storms. We regularly attend professional meetings to keep abreast of the lastest developments in science. Unlimited consultation programs are available.

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About Us

I*ON Weather offers a fresh vision to weather research and forecasting for hire. We have been in business since 1974, and through our radio weather cast, research reports, weather alerts and warnings, we have surely touched the lives of millions.

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Personal and business lives are dependent on the whims and ways of the environment. The weather has, is and will continue to affect each and every one of us in one way or another. We strive to offer professional, accurate, and affordable meteorology services.

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